3 supplements that can aggravate acne

Supplements are something that many people consider taking when they want a more natural, holistic approach to health.


If you are someone, who has considered taking a supplement for your health and have acne-prone skin, there are some things you should consider before choosing your supplements.


A common misconception that many believe is that “natural” therapies are safe and effective. However, many natural therapies can aggravate certain conditions like acne rather than help them.


Here are three supplements that are generally considered safe but can aggravate skin conditions:




Vitamin B12 – Vitamin B12 supplements are commonly recommended for vegetarians and vegans. Since B12 is sourced from meat and eggs, those who avoid these foods are often found deficient in Vitamin B12.

Having adequate vitamin B12 levels in the body is extremely important for brain health, nerve health and energy production. However, having too much B12 in the body can aggravate acne.

When Vitamin B12 levels are very high, the acne causing bacteria p. acnes produces high levels of porphyrin. Porphyrin in excess amounts can cause inflammation in the skin which increases the red, angry, pimples you see.

Having the right amount of vitamin B12 is important to support brain function as well as skin health.



Whey protein – Getting your adequate protein requirement is important for good health, especially if you are someone that enjoys working out. For this purpose, whey protein powders are extensively used in the fitness world. Recent studies show that long-term use of whey protein can cause acne. This happens because whey protein is isolated from dairy sources that can aggravate the skin. Increased intake of whey protein also promotes an imbalance in insulin which stimulates sebum production and keratin plugs in the skin which contribute to acne.



Detox supplements – A vital step in healing your acne is supporting the detox machinery of our body aka the liver. Our liver is the detox organ that eliminates toxins and unwanted substances. If our liver is not functioning properly, our body tries to eliminate things through another detox organ which is the skin. This is why, having a healthy liver detox system is key to preventing skin conditions like acne.

Supporting the liver involves supporting the two phases of detoxification (phase 1 and phase 2). Most detox supplements only support phase 1 of detoxification which creates intermediate compounds that can aggravate acne and other conditions. When taking detox supplements make sure you take supplements that support both phases to ensure a complete clearance of toxic compounds.



Safe supplementation:

All three supplements listed in this article are important in maintaining various aspects of health. However, if you have acne-prone skin, it is imperative to take these supplements safely.


Working with a licensed healthcare practitioner who can test your blood levels and monitor you efficiently is the best approach. This way a safe supplementation routine can be established; one that benefits overall health without aggravating your skin conditions.



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