3 ways to prevent an eczema flare-up


BY Dr. Tanvi Tijoriwala, ND




Dealing with the constant itching of an eczema flare-up can be extremely draining. When your skin looks better, the one thing most people worry about is “I hope I don’t get a flare-up again”.


If this is a concern you are dealing with for yourself or your little one, here are three things you can implement today to prevent a flare-up.



  1. Use the right skincare products:

When choosing a body lotion or body wash for eczema-prone skin, there are three ingredients you absolutely want to avoid. These ingredients are known to cause skin irritations and exacerbate eczema flare-ups:

Parfums, SLS (Sodim lauryl sulfate) and coconut oil.

While coconut oil is not a known irritant, using that as a moisturizer can be very drying for the skin. This is because coconut oil is an “occlusant” – an oil that sits on top of the skin without getting absorbed.

Keep your skincare routine simple. Going for something natural like olive oil or shea butter can hydrate the skin without triggering it.




  1. Hydrate internally:

When you hear about treating “eczema” most of the focus is on the creams/lotions we put ON our skin. However, eczema-prone skin has a damaged skin barrier that needs to be repaired internally as well. The barrier of the skin is mostly made up of fats and so, adding healthy fats to your diet can be helpful in repairing the skin barrier and preventing trans-epidermal water loss. Healthy fats include foods like – avocados, salmon, chia seeds, flax seeds and raw olive oil.




  1. Have a healthy environment:

Cold and dry environments are the worst when it comes to eczema-prone skin. Keeping your environment “hydrated” with a humidifier can be helpful in preventing an eczema flare-up. In the winter months, its best to avoid wool or itchy material that can feel “scratchy” on the skin. Stick to cotton clothing underneath and add layers if needed to keep warm.


While these steps are important to prevent a flare-up, it is also important to understand your environment and dietary triggers. Having a well-rounded holistic approach can be useful in treating the redness and constant itch that is associated with eczema.


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