5 health apps you NEED to try

Being healthy just got easier thanks to these amazing tools that can be accessed anywhere through your phone! In the day and age of tech, keeping an eye on your health and motivating yourself to live your best life is just a click away! I take care of my health every day with the help of some amazing apps. Here are my favourites:


My 5 favourite health apps

P tracker

Tracking your menstrual symptoms and basal body temperature can be so tedious. However, this app makes recording all your period-related activities extremely easy. It’s a great tool if you are looking to balance your hormones, track your menstrual cycles or trying to get pregnant. The app lets you rate your mood, log in symptoms, chart your basal body temperature over the month and tracks your cycle length all for FREE!


Insight Timer

Meditation is so important in dealing with today’s busy lifestyle. However, those who have tried it, also know it can be hard to focus at first. Guided meditation is an excellent way to have someone walk you through the beginning stages of meditating. This app lets you customize your meditation time, background music, goals for meditating and it also connects you to people meditating around the world. This app also gives you data on your daily, weekly and monthly progress. Insight timer is a free app.



Castbox is not necessarily a “health” app, but it is my favourite app to listen to wellness and inspirational podcasts. It has such a great variety of topics and genres to choose from. Listening to podcasts is a good way to spend your travel time – whether it’s in your car or on public transit. Castbox is a free app.


Nike training club

“Exercise increases endorphins and endorphins make people happy”

This app is amazing to get workout routines based on muscle groups, workout type or intensity of workout. You can choose whether you want to work out with equipment or without (great for home workouts!) I mostly use this app so I don’t have to formulate a workout routine every day. I just pick a plan and start. This app is also free.


My fit-nesspal

Marketed as a calorie counter, I usually just use the diary part for my patients, so they can track what they are eating. It is basically my go-to diet diary. I use diet-diaries in my practice to see the relationship between foods my patients eat to the symptoms they are coming in with (most disease begins in the gut). This is also a great way for vegetarians, vegans and pregnant moms to measuring their daily protein intake. My fit-nesspal is a free app.

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