6 easy steps to start a Liver Cleanse



Through my naturopathic practice, I’ve noticed that the liver is the most ignored organ in the body. Our liver is responsible for eliminating toxins, balancing hormones, digesting fats, storing vitamins and so much more.


Alcohol, pharmaceuticals, chemicals in skin-care products and processed foods, all increase the toxic load on the liver. These are things we are exposed to everyday! This is why supporting our liver is so important.


‘Loving thy liver’ can start with some simple steps you can take every day, to flush out toxins and support overall health.


  1. Start your day with lemon and warm water – Warm water is a great way to support our digestive fire. Increasing our water intake through the day can eliminate toxins from the body. Adding lemon to it, adds a good dose of vitamin C and anti-oxidants that can help support the liver.


  1. Eat more bitter foods – The liver has an affinity for bitter foods. Adding vegetables such as arugula, kale, dandelion leaves, celery and chicory to your meals gets you the nutrients needed to support phase 1 and phase 2 detoxification pathways in the liver. In general, eating organic foods and increasing fruits and vegetables intake can support your liver health.


  1. Avoid alcohol – Alcohol is metabolized by the liver and drinking too much can be harsh on the liver. To support the liver, eliminate alcoholic beverages from your diet. Try this lavender lemonade instead.


  1. Avoid processed foods – Processed foods such as sugar, salt, canned or packaged foods increase the toxic burden on your liver. Since our liver is responsible for eliminating toxins, reducing our intake of processed foods can give the liver a break.


  1. Castor oil packs – Applying castor oil topically on the abdomen increases blood flow to the area. Increasing blood flow helps flush out toxins faster and bring more oxygen and nutrients to the liver.

Castor oil packs are not recommended for people who are pregnant, during their period, have a bleeding disorder, are on blood thinners, are suspected to have appendicitis or are allergic to the oil.


  1. Exercise – Breaking a sweat, helps eliminate toxins through the skin. This reduces the burden on the liver. Exercising is a way to get the blood pumping as well. Increasing circulation through the body increases toxin turnover and elimination.

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