DIY Hair Mask

Hair loss in both men and women, can be disheartening and frustrating. It is stressful to see clumps of hair fall off every time we brush our hair or take a shower. The most frequent question I get in my practice is – “What can I do to prevent my hair from falling out”. This are a few things we usually work on when dealing with hair loss –


  • Correct any nutrient deficiencies, like iron, zinc and vitamin B12
  • Addressing stress – stress is a huge contributor to hair loss
  • Balancing the thyroid hormones – hair loss is a symptom of low thyroid function
  • Reducing the use of damaging hair products – like hair sprays, straighteners and hair gels


If you want to know what the cause of your hair loss is here is an article for you – The Root cause of hair loss – What the balding pattern is telling you


In addition to addressing internal health factors that may be contributing to hair loss, it’s important to nourish the hair with good, clean hair care products.


“Champi” or hair massage with nutritive oils has been a tradition in my family for years. My nani (grandmother) would oil mine and my sister’s hair every Saturday to make sure they stay thick and healthy. To keep up with tradition, I have been researching several hair oils to make a good hair mask to apply to the scalp.  This is what I usually use:


In 1 small bowl mix:

½ bowl Almond oil

½ bowl Coconut oil

2-3 drops of peppermint essential oil



Peppermint essential oil: Is a rubefacient. Which means it increases blood flow to the area. Research shows, peppermint can promote hair growth by increasing vascularization to the area and stimulate follicle growth.


Coconut oil: When compared to several oils, coconut oil showed to reduce protein loss in the hair and penetrated in the skin effectively. Reducing protein loss is important to preserve hair integrity.


Almond oil: Several clinical experiences show almond oil can be good for rejuvenating the skin and may reduce flaking of the scalp.


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