Follow your heart – nurturing your intuition!

” I Believe you were born in this world to do great things. To be more than mediocre and to achieve everything you have set your eyes on”


Have you ever had this feeling that you just HAD to do something? Or heard that tiny little voice in your head that whispered, “just go for it”?

That is your intuition guiding you towards the opportunities that are meant for you.

Tuning into your intuition takes practice, faith and patience. However, the work that you do on yourself to focus on that guidance will be worth it.

Why is this so important? Because I believe you were born in this world to do great things. To be more than mediocre and to achieve everything you have set your eyes on.  if you’ve ever picked up a personal development book, you know from all the shared stories, that your inner guidance never fails you.



Intuitive guidance shows up in subtle ways. However, you can zone into it without letting the mental clutter get in the way. Our inner safety mechanisms most often make us question any big decisions we are about to make. This often translates into anxious thoughts and the fearful “What if” statements. “What if I fail?” “What if there is a better opportunity?” However, when you truly quiet your mind and focus on how a decision is making you feel, you will know that the positive feelings are always associated with the road you need to take. While being rational about things and not making risky decisions is important, it is also vital to trust your instincts. Therefore, pay attention to feelings instead of fear.


Timing is everything! Most often we think the answers will come to us immediately, when making a choice. However, sometimes we have to patiently wait for all the cards to unfold before we know which way our intuition is guiding us. We just have to be patient to listen to the guidance.


Lately, I’ve found myself saying this a lot – “It is crazy how things work out sometimes.” Doors will open where there seem to be none existing and opportunities often fall out of thin air. Of course, a lot of it has to do with having a positive mindset but the signs are everywhere! We have to learn to be aware of the signs and act on good opportunities. Once you have them make sure you work hard, because without hard-work, nothing can be achieved.


Cut your losses & take a leap of faith – This is advice that one of my mentors gave me recently. If you are stuck in an unprofitable situation and you KNOW it, but don’t want to let go of it until something better comes along the way, this advice is for you. Don’t wait to see the next door to let go off this one. Let your intuition guide you into taking a leap of faith and you will make space for better things to come into your life


So, I hope you choose to work on listening to your heart, trusting yourself and welcoming all the great things in life.



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