How to stay healthy at 35,000 Ft

Travel season is upon us! As summer approaches so many of us are going to pack our bags and jet set on a new adventure. The most important thing while travelling is to remember to be healthy (apart from having fun of course). Because who wants to sightsee when they are extremely ill?

Since airplanes are where a lot of germs reside, it is the best place to kickstart our health routine. Here are 5 ways to stay ahead of the health game before we land.

Bring snacks – Airplane food is full of toxic ingredients. From preservatives, to tons of salt, avoiding airplane food is the best way to go. These days, several flights charge for in-flight snacks as well. Therefore, the best way to nourish our bodies and save money is to pack snacks. Note: Some food items are prohibited through airport security. Here is a list of TSA safe foods. Better yet, check out this TSA safe snack idea – Energy Date Bites.

Hydrate – Although liquids, including water, is not allowed through airport security, staying hydrated is key in preventing infections. Hydration is also important to prevent airplane headaches and dry skin. Carrying an empty water bottle to fill with water or requesting an attendant to get you water enroute are some ways to ensure we have water on hand.

Stretch – The cramped airplane seats these days provide little to no leg room. Sitting for long hours in these seats can cause swollen feet, cramps and tensed muscles. Stretching or walking up and down the aisle, allows us to get adequate circulation and prevents any muscle cramping.

Avoid alcohol – For some of us, the party starts as soon as we get on a plane. Since we are going to drink alcohol on our trips, my recommendation is to give our livers a break and avoid alcohol inflight. Did you know? Psychologist R. A. McFarland reported that having 2-3 drinks at a high altitude can be equal to drinking 4-5 drinks at sea-level. Alcohol is also very dehydrating on the body and being hydrated is important to maintaining good health.

PS: Want to detox after your trip? Check out these 6 ways to support your liver health!

 Dealing with jet lag – If you are on a long flight and are going to a country that is in    a different time zone, you are likely to   experience jetlag. Taking melatonin (supplement form) can help with dealing with jet lag. Always speak to your MD or ND for the recommended dose. In addition, it is a good idea to start resetting your schedule as soon as you get on a plane. Wearing an eye mask when it is bed time in your destination will block out the light and stimulate your body’s natural melatonin production.



Pro tip: If there is one supplement that is important to carry on your travels – it is a probiotic. The most common concerns when travelling is traveler’s diarrhea or digestive issues. Having a probiotic with Sacchromyces boulardii (yeast) can help prevent such digestive concerns. Talk to your naturopath about the dosing and the brand that best suits your health.

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