Supporting your Accutane Journey

Supporting your Accutane journey


The last thing you want to do is take a drug for the side effect of another drug. I help you manage side effects of Accutane, naturally.


Isotretinoin also known as Accutane in North America has proven to be an effective treatment for acne. This medication has helped several people with extremely inflammatory acne get clear skin. Typically, Accutane is a medication that is used as a last resort for acne and although it is effective in most cases, it comes with its fair share of health concerns.




Roadblocks on the Accutane Journey:



~ The acne comes back: I see many patients in my practice, who have been on a round of Accutane and once they discontinue the medication, their acne comes back.

~ Side effects: The most common side effect noticed by people on Accutane is dry lips and dry skin. This can be defeating when trying to have healthy skin. Patients have also noticed sensitivity to the sun, muscle pain, hair thinning and skin irritation.

~ Liver health: One of the side effects I have noticed in practice is patients having elevated cholesterol or elevated liver enzymes when on Accutane. Having good liver health is important for healthy skin as they are both detox organs in our body. If the liver does not function well, it can burden the skin.

~ Pregnancy warnings: If you are a woman and taking Accutane, you must have had a conversation with your dermatologist around getting pregnant. Accutane can cause congenital deformities in women who are pregnant and therefore effective methods of contraception need to be used while taking Accutane to prevent pregnancies.




How I can help:



Whether you are currently on Accutane or coming off the drug, there are many ways in which I can help your skin, naturally.


~ Supportive therapies: A lot can be done for acne with nutritional counselling and natural therapies that do not interact with Accutane. Yes! Not all, natural therapies are safe to take in conjunction with Accutane. Knowing what’s best and safe for you, is what I would help you with.

~ Monitoring side effects: Chances are you are going to experience some side effects, I would be monitoring these and helping you mitigate them.

~ Non-drug treatments for side effects: The last thing you want to do is take a drug for the side effect of another drug. I help you manage side effects naturally.

~ Skincare routine: Working on your skin is an inside-out job. While Accutane helps you internally, I give you recommendations for skincare products best suited for your needs.

~ Mindset work: The most important step in healing your skin is having a healthy mindset. Dealing with skin issues can be frustrating and can cause you to experience many mental health issues. I help you work through those so you can feel confident and free in your skin.



If you are looking to get more support on your #skinjourney, book a complimentary discovery call with Dr. Tanvi, to see if naturopathic medicine is right for you.







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