What I learned from a Netflix show

Truly, if our diet is bad and stress is out of control, it can affect most areas of health and aggravate so many conditions


I recently started watching a show on Netflix called Diagnosis. This show revolves around Dr. Lisa Sanders (fun fact: She was a medical consultant on the show House, M.D), who finds patients with undiagnosable conditions and connects them to people all over the world to get them some answers.


I watched two episodes, not in order, so I won’t tell you which one, in case you want to watch and enjoy the show. In one of the episodes, the patient had a genetic disorder which had been undiagnosed for several years and in the other, the patient had a potentially life-threatening condition.


Now, when we come across these complex and complicated conditions, my mind automatically goes to complex treatment options for them. But, can you guess what the suggested treatment was for both these individuals?


One of them was prescribed dietary changes to manage her condition and the other patient was prescribed therapy to manage his stress and trauma.


After watching these two episodes I was truly blown away by the significance of these things, we naturopaths call the foundations of health.


Although, diet, stress and lifestyle are areas I treat and work on with EVERY patient, we sometimes forget their importance.


Watching these episodes allowed me to appreciate again just how incredibly powerful, doing “simple” things like changing our diet and managing our stress can be, even for complicated conditions.


Truly, if our diet is bad and stress is out of control, it can affect most areas of health and aggravate so many conditions. I have seen it first-hand in my own practice how stress and diet have aggravated acne, exacerbated pain and made anxiety worse amongst other things.


So, the next time your naturopath asks you to change your diet or manage your stress, know that these are going to have powerful implications in helping your condition.


If you are struggling with managing your stress or want to know how to eat healthier – Let’s chat.


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